RI potholes cost some drivers plenty of cash

Rhode Island drivers have different approaches when it comes to approaching potholes with their cars.

Some try to avoid them. Others take their time going through.

There's a massive pothole off of Plain Street in Providence. It's about 6 inches deep. It's filled with water, which makes it hard for drivers to see the big drop.

"Someone slows down and slams on their brakes. The person behind them almost hits them and people try to swerve left and right, but inevitably one of the tires ends up in the potholes," said Julian Rodriguez-Drix, who lives in Providence.

Rodriguez-Drix said potholes are everywhere in the city. He said he tries to maneuver around them, which is easily done in the daylight.

But Staci Spicuzza, of Warwick, learned it's not so easy to avoid them once darkness falls.

"It was very dark out. (There was a) very bad pothole and I ran right over it. I went right over it and it just destroyed my car," she said.

The pothole on Centerville Road in West Warwick took her car off the road.

Spicuzza said it cost her about $1,500 to fix the damage.

Other NBC 10 viewers said treacherous potholes are all across the state of Rhode Island.

All drivers can do is report them to the city, town or state and hope they get filled soon.