RI school let man take girl before alleged assault

Superintendent Susan Lusi

Providence school officials are investigating why an elementary school student was allowed to go home with a man accused of sexually assaulting her once they left the school.

Rhode Island Public Radio reported that the girl was allowed to leave Asa Messer Elementary School with the man last week.

The girl's name was not released.{} Providence police told NBC 10 News that the man accused of inappropriately touching the girl is 46-year-old Bo Kang.

The man was known to staff and had been seen with the girl and her family before, but he wasn't on the list of people authorized to take the girl home.

"I think, unfortunately, because this individual had been seen in the presence of the child's family in the past, the staff member involved mistakenly assumed that person was known and authorized by the family.{} But again, procedures were known and in place and were not followed," Lusi said.

Providence Superintendent Susan Lusi said the incident is every parent's "worst nightmare" and says disciplinary action is being considered against the employee who allowed the man to take the girl. She said each school in the district should review and follow dismissal policies.