RI vet tech accused in case of missing funds

For Cat Holly working with animals is her livelihood. She's the current president of the Rhode Island Veterinary Technician.

But it's the alleged actions of a former member that have her feeling betrayed, she told NBC 10 she is "disappointed, disgusted, very hurt, she was a friend, colleague, somebody we absolutely trusted."

Cat is talking about Amy D 'Andrea who was the Association's treasurer. D 'Andrea is now facing charges after other members say they realized about $40 thousand dollars was missing from the organization's books.

That was last April; they took the case to the state police, who investigated. As a result of the investigation the State Police have charged D 'Andrea with obtaining money under false pretenses over $1500 and unlawful appropriation of funds. She was arraigned out of the Wickford barracks, and her next court date is for the end of March.

NBC 10 talked to D 'Andrea's attorney in a phone conversation and according to him his client has done nothing wrong saying. He stated that "The facts are completely on my client's side; her accusers have been harassing her for months; now she'll get the chance to face her accusers; she doesn't owe anybody anything."

But Holly feels otherwise, she says the missing money comes from members' dues money the association would have used to better itself. She told NBC 10 "it's about public awareness, we like to provide continuing education for our technicians so they keep up with the latest and greatest."

Holly denies any harassment and is eager for justice to be served.