RISD seniors showcase film, animation projects

Every year, the Rhode Island School of Design graduates another batch of seniors from its film-animation-video Department.

Some of the alumni? Seth MacFarlane and Gus Van Sant to name a few.

Imagine being the bull in a bullfight, tormented by a matador.

That's the perspective RISD senior Lynn Kim gives in her animated short "Toro".

"There's quite a bit of sensory overload that's happening. And a lot of the film actually focuses quite a bit on that, what you perceive, what you might see as the bull, and what you might feel as the bull," Kim said.

Or take the notion of what's the first thing that comes to mind when you say "hug"?

Shunned in contemporary society comes to mind, says Adrienne Fowler, who created an hour and a half looped performance piece that explores the intimate contact, not showing at the RISD Auditorium, but in the one of two gallery settings downtown.

"I would like them to think about themselves in the shoes of both me and the stranger and how they would react to such a situation," Fowler said.

The angst of 20-something's, admittedly self-indulgent, comes from the heart, in a search for some answers in "The Skinny Fries Leftover" by Esther Hayes.

"(It's) more about being in a transitional period, like any kind of transitional period, feeling a little bit unsatisfied with how things are going or where you should be or unclear as to who you're supposed to be, and not necessarily about being just 22," she said.

Aside from the open media installations, the films are being shown through Sunday at the RISD Auditorium at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5 dollars, $3 with a student ID.