River otter pups debut at New Bedford zoo

This undated photo from the Buttonwood Park Zoo shows two North American river otter pups.

Two North American river otter pups went on public display Tuesday at the Buttonwood Park Zoo.

The New Bedford zoo said the pups were born March 19. The pups and their mother, Dani, were put in a private area while the pups matured and learned to swim.

The zoo also revealed the pups' names are Cinnamon and Sugar.

"River otters are one of zoo guests' favorite animals and this birth will allow the community to watch these pups grow to adulthood throughout the year while also learning conservation information about this local species," zoo director Keith Lovett said last week in a news release.

North American river otters are native to the United States and Canada, and can be found in freshwater ponds, lakes, and marshland habitats.