Rocky Point revived with 'Clam Shack' this spring

For most Rhode Islanders who lived through the 1800s and 1900s, Rocky Point Amusement Park was a part of the culture, the fabric, and the fun of the summer until it officially closed in 1995.

"Me, my family, my mother and father going there. My mother and father actually met at Rocky Point," said Anthony Restivo.

Restivo has a picture of his mother at Rocky Point from 1964 when she was 8 years old.

"The freefall and the flume were some of my favorites as a kid," Restivo said.

Restivo, a salesman who peddles mobile kitchens and catering trucks, said he had an idea when he realized that almost 20 years after the amusement park closed, people still can't stop talking about the place.

"(People) get fuzzy and warm, just like myself," he said.

So on Post Road in Warwick, in the shadow of Ann & Hope, Restivo is bringing back a taste of Rocky Point, complete with the signature arch, and all the original menu items culled from the original recipes.

"The food, the chowder," Restivo said.

When the Rocky Point Clam Shack opens in late March or early April, Restivo said he wants customers to bring pictures of the former amusement park.

"The picnic benches we're going to have out front. It's going to be Rocky Point red and blue, the colors. We're going to have Plexiglas over the tables so you can put pictures of your family. Try to keep those memories alive," he said.

Restivo has secured the trademark, aligned with the Rocky Point Foundation and has the full support of local government.

He said he's hoping to rekindle a multitude of memories - visual, auditory and for the palate.