Rocky road leaves Wakefield residents without mail

Residents on Community Drive in Wakefield haven't been getting their mail delivered after recent rain left their private road in rough shape.

U.S. Postal Service mail carriers are refusing to deliver mail to residents on a private road in Wakefield because of the danger the road presents.

Cecile Perreault and her husband, Paul, live on Community Drive. They are in their 70s and said it's not easy to travel to the post office in town to pick up their mail.

"It really is a big hazard more than anything else," Cecile Perreault said.

Recent rains have left their road in rough shape.

NBC 10 spoke with public service director John Schock who said that it is up to the residents to keep the road maintained because it is private. Cecile and Paul have tried, but they can't keep it up.

"I can't do it anymore. I'm 76 years old, and I can't work on the road anymore," Paul Perreault said.

There are about seven other residents who live on the road.

A spokesperson for the USPS said mail carriers can refuse to deliver to any area that they feel is a danger to them or their vehicle. The post office said it will hold the Perreaults' mail until a solution is reached.

"We pay twice as much taxes than they do in the (town) of Wakefield because we're on the water. But they just completely ignore us," Paul Perreault said.