Estate sale held at Schilling's former Mass home

A steady stream of people came to the estate sale Saturday, here in Medfield; up for grabs items belonging to Curt Schilling.

From fun stuff to fancy, those going into the sale had an assortment to choose from, shoppers telling NBC 10 that there was "anything from Tiffany, glass bowls to a golf cart, which was a hummer golf cart, beautiful, beautiful"

Cathy Gallagher was one of the sale goers Saturday morning looking to do some Christmas shopping, "to me the sports memorabilia was the best, jerseys from every team imaginable"

Shoppers were quick to tell NBC 10 about the bargains they got, but some were even more vocal about their feelings toward the former Red Sox ace, "got a tie for $ just walking around beautiful home, but if you ask me Schilling's a bum"

He's referring to the 38 Studio collapse, Rhode Island taxpayers on the hook for the $75 million dollar loan guarantee, the EDC now suing the former Sox player, who says he lost $50 million dollars of his own money on the failed video game company.

On facebook his wife said the estate sale was her idea to downsize, not because they needed money.

We were not allowed to go up to the house to get video, in fact a short while after NBC 10 crews arrived at the estate they were asked to leave the private driveway that leads to the house. Even paying customers said that there were signs everywhere that said no pictures allowed.

People with the company holding the sale patrolled the roadway to keep press away.

We did find pictures on line of the 8 thousand square foot home, which is up for sale right now, that showcase the descriptions that those who got inside commented on, such as "a beautiful downstairs, with bar, game room, spa."

And while many are walking away with items they bought, some feel they're taking away a little bit more, such as a piece of history from a baseball great that will always be something to talk about.