School administrator resigns in wake of I-Team report

Nancy Stevenin

An administrator making $94,000 a year in the Providence public school district has resigned her post in the wake of an I-Team investigation into her credentials.

The I-Team received a statement from the school district saying Nancy Stevenin resigned Monday and that the district accepted her resignation.

The statement also said that the district will audit the credentials of all other non-certified, non-union employees -- basically, everyone other than teachers.

The action comes after the I-Team filed a public records request Monday morning, asking for the names of anyone inside the school district with a questionable degree.

An I-Team investigation revealed that Stevenin's degree came from Ashley University, an unaccredited school that sells diplomas over the Internet, no questions asked.

The NBC 10 I-Team paid about $600 to buy a Ph.D. from Ashley over the phone in about 10 minutes.

Stevenin used a bachelor's degree from Ashley to get her $94,000-a-year job in December. The job posting said "bachelor's degree mandatory."

Superintendent Susan Lusi answered questions about Stevenin's hiring, when she sat down with the I-Team last week.

Davis: "If she made a serious lapse in judgment, but continues in her job at that salary, isn't in a way saying that cheating is OK?"

Lusi: "No, I don't think so. If cheating was OK we would not have put her on the immediate corrective action plan."

Lusi said last week that Stevenin would be given the opportunity to earn a degree from an accredited university while keeping her job and salary.

The decision to keep Stevenin didn't sit well with the Providence Teacher's Union.

The top salary for a 20-year teacher with a legitimate Ph.D. is about $73,000.