Warwick Vets High School to remain open for now

The Warwick School Committee voted Tuesday night to keep Warwick Veterans Memorial High School open for now.

The committee will hire a company to look into consolidation before closing any schools.

The proposal has met with opposition from students, parents and teachers. But administrators cite the city's declining school population and say it doesn't make economic sense to operate three high schools.

Students from Vets would be split between Pilgrim and Toll Gate. Gorton and Aldrich junior high schools would be closed in 2015, and students would move to the repurposed Vets building.

The superintendent has said the consolidation plan would save $11 million up front and more than $4 million a year after. He said the savings could be used for programs like all-day kindergarten.

Opponents claim the numbers are flawed, that there will be overcrowding and that Vets students will lose their sense of school community if they are moved to one of the city's other two high schools.