School officials praise Fall River's share of $10 billion investment

City school officials in Fall River on Wednesday marked the renovation of the Morton Middle School, which received aid from a state agency geared to oversee school construction projects.

"Our students are learning and our teachers are teaching in a building with the latest technology and a gorgeous new auditorium. And we were just delighted the MSBA chose Fall River to announce their $10 billion effort," said Fall River Superintendent Meg Mayo Brown.

The Massachusetts School Building Authority announced it has paid nearly $10 billion in reimbursements to cities and towns for school construction projects.

Recently, a $36.9 million renovation of the Morton Middle School was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. The MSBA contributed 80 percent cost and the City Council appropriated the funds for the other 20 percent.

"We could have never done the construction that we have here without the assistance of the MSBA," said Fall River Superintendent Meg Mayo Brown.

Since 2004, the MSBA has invested more than $220 million in Fall River schools.

"This year, we'll set aside a little over $700 million of taxpayers' money, sales tax revenue, and with that we have built and renovated schools," said State Treasurer Steve Grossman.

The MSBA is currently working on 490 projects across the state.