Schools review pick-up policies

The Providence School District has a pick-up protocol, but it wasn't enforced when a man was able to pick up a little girl without her parents' permission.

Bo Kang of Providence was allowed to take a little girl home last week from the Asa Messer School. He faces charges for allegedly molesting her.

It's a scary thought for any parent.

"I was very taken aback that the schools would let that happen," said parent Nadine Sifers, of Providence.

Sifers' daughter attends another Providence school, and she's not comfortable with its pick-up policy. She thinks all city schools should review the district's policy to make sure it's strictly enforced.

"It should be definitely more secure," she said. "That's just ridiculous that that could happen that fast and that easy."

The Providence School District said it's looking at disciplinary action for the person who released the child to Kang. It will not say who that person is or what position they hold.

Situations like this are why elementary school principals in Warwick follow their protocol to a T.

After nearly two decades in education, Principal Kenneth Rassler said they've definitely increased what they do to make kids safe.

Warwick uses yellow cards and a back-up computer system to keep track of who can pick up a child. It's the same policy at every elementary school.

Rassler said the school policy also calls for them to double-check any changes to the pick-up list.

The principal and the secretary take turns monitoring the doors.

It may inconvenience the adults, but they say child safety comes first.