Scituate family vows to rebuild after fire

A{} Scituate, Rhode Island family,{} who lost dozens of animals in a barn fire is vowing to rebuild.{} And despite the devastation, an 11 year old girl will continue her labor of love project on the farm. NBC 10's Mario Hilario reports from Scituate.

11 year old Rachyl Travis is holding baby Essie. The goat's full name is Escape, because she was born just 24 hours before a barn fire that killed 50 animals on the family farm in Scituate.

The only animals from that barn that survived, these two chicks. As devastating as the loss has been, Rachyl is grateful for the animals that survived that weren't in that barn, alpacas and most of their milking goats who were sheltered in here.

It is from the milk of these goats, that Rachyl makes the soap that she sells at various farmers markets and on line; she's been doing it for about three years. She and her sister did research and learned how to turn that milk into soap. It's a labor of love for Rachyl and a bright spot for her family in this difficult time. In fact, this weekend, vendors at the Hope Valley farmers market where Rachel has sold her soap are raising money for the Travis Family Farm.

In fact the Travis family says in general the outpouring of support since the fire has been tremendous...and now they want to give back by rebuilding and making the barn better and even more accessible.

A community that has come together to help the Travis family in their time of need.

You can find out more about Rachyl's soap on her website, rachyls-goat-milk-soap-dot-com, that's Rachyl with a "Y". Or find Travis Farm on Facebook.