Sculptor makes unique gift for Jay Leno

A loyal fan is hoping to present a retirement gift to Jay Leno, who will end his reign Thursday on NBC's "The Tonight Show."

Dan Berry loves to talk cars, motorcycles and metalworking.

Berry, a Providence sculptor and self-proclaimed gear head, just finished a gift that was 15 years in the making.

"I started this wax in '99," he said.

Berry said a primary side cover for a motorcycle is the face of the bike. This face was made special for Jay Leno in his own likeness.

"The chin, the hair," Berry said.

It started as a 10th anniversary present, but it wasn't done in 2003. Now, it's slated as a retirement gift, if Leno will accept it.

"I put a lot into this and there's no more appropriate, I think, bon voyage for Jay as unique as this," Berry said.

Leno will end his 22-year stint at the helm of "The Tonight Show" on Thursday. Berry's been a fan of the show since Steve Allen hosted, before Johnny Carson, but Berry says no one is as down to earth as Leno.

"He's an old gear head, motor head," Berry said.

Leno's well known for his affinity for cars and motorcycles. It helps distinguish him as the "every man" next to the shiny celebrities he so candidly interviews each night.

"I hope he displays it somewhere in his garage or his home," Berry said.

Berry's just one of millions saying goodbye to their old friend in Burbank -- the one they'll invite into their living room this week for the very last time.

"Thanks for everything. This is yours. This is you," Berry said.