Seals released at Blue Shutters Beach

Two seals nursed back to health in Connecticut were returned to the open ocean Thursday in Rhode Island.

The Mystic Aquarium released Curie and Pluto at Blue Shutters Beach in Charlestown.

Curie is a gray seal, and Pluto is a harp seal. They were rescued by animal advocates.

Officials said both animals recovered from their various ailments and were ready for a return to the ocean.

"We finished out the rehab for them and got the joy of doing the release. But the big story was Curie. She had been rescued over a year ago, and due to a very persistent kind of condition, rather than a serious one, she spent a lot of time with us," said Skip Graf of Mystic Aquarium.

Mystic Aquarium's Animal Rescue Program assists marine mammals and sea turtles throughout Rhode Island and Connecticut.