Search and rescue dog in training dies after being poisoned

A Westport Police officer is seeking justice after his 5-year-old dog Siren had to be put down because of sudden bleeding and intense pain the dog began experiencing back in April.

Detective Jeff Majewski tells NBC 10 that this week, he learned that the dog had been given rat poison. Detective Majewski and his girlfriend were training Siren to become a search and rescue dog to be certified in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. He believes someone may be seeking revenge on him after 25 years on the force by committing this terrible act.

Detective Majewski tells NBC 10 the dog was very well behaved and always on a leash or in a confined area within their backyard. He is now looking for answers as to who may have victimized Siren.

Majewski is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who has information on the suspect who may have poisoned the dog. He tells NBC 10 that other individuals and organizations are also contributing additional funding to the reward.

Anyone with information can contact the Westport Police Department at 508-636-1122.