Missing mother, 7-month-old child found in Woonsocket

Coventry police said Wednesday that a woman and her 7-month-old daughter who were reported missing have been found.

Police said 19-year-old Bethany Richardson and her daughter, Hannah Marie, were located in Woonsocket.

Police said the woman and her baby were in good health. According to police, Bethany Richardson had gone to visit an acquaintance in Woonsocket without sharing her plans with anyone.

The Department of Children, Youth and Families is investigating.

Police told NBC 10 they received tips that Bethany Richardson was seen Tuesday night at Kennedy Plaza and possibly taking a bus to Woonsocket.

Richardson was reported missing Monday afternoon when she was last seen walking to a doctor's appointment. She never showed up for the appointment and didn't have extra clothes or supplies.

Gina Richardson, Bethany's mother, went to police after her daughter had been missing for 24 hours.

Bethany Richardson had earlier asked for a ride to Kennedy Plaza. Her mother told NBC 10 she refused to give her a ride because Bethany would not say who she planned to meet there.