Second half of Barton Corner Bridge installed

Chances are you've never seen a bridge moved into place.

Neither had bridge consultant Bruce Bartel - until Wednesday.

"You don't see something like this very often," he said.

Bartel was a consultant that helped build the Barton Corner Bridge off site. It was a pilot project for the state of Rhode Island.

The Department of Transportation said the test proved bridge projects can have a limited impact on drivers.

"Really what this is about is minimizing the impact of the bridge replacement projects to the users of the roadway," said RIDOT Director Michael Lewis.

The project also took less time.

"About nine months for what would be two years," Lewis said.

And it only took 11 days to tear down the old bridges and put in the new ones. The bridges connect north and southbound traffic on Interstate 95.

By Thursday morning, the new bridge will be operating and all the final paving will be completed at night over the next couple of months.

Lewis said there are already plans to use the new system on other bridge projects in the state.

I-95 stayed open during Wednesday's move but Route 2 was temporarily closed. After an hour, the bridge was in place and Route 2 was reopened before rush hour.