Security beefed up for World Series

Celebrating is good, but sometimes it goes over the top as we've seen several times in our area over the past decade.

In preparation for a Boston victory, local authorities say they aren't taking chances.

Rhode Island State Police said Wednesday they would have increased patrols.

"Anytime there's a major sporting event in this area involving a local team, a Boston team, we have a plan of action that we put in place. We find that there's an increase in DUIs. There's an increase in unruly behavior, mostly at the colleges and universities," said Capt. James Manni of the Rhode Island State Police.

Ten years ago, the University of Rhode Island campus turned chaotic after a Red Sox playoff game with the New York Yankees.

Students set Dumpsters on fire and overturned a car, and a young woman was hurt.

Since then, area campuses have been on alert for such behavior.

URI officials told NBC 10 last week they had already put out the word to their police officers and staff to make safety a priority.

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth officials have sent messages to students about proper behavior and will have increased staff and campus police along with local officers and state troopers.

"Being very visible. Being very communicative with students. We're also sending out a message to all of our students' parents today, hoping they will weigh in with their sons and daughters about what is acceptable fan behavior," said John Hoey of UMass-Dartmouth.

Hoey said they have experience with celebrations getting out of control.

Police in riot gear had to be called in during the Red Sox championship run in 2004 as a large crowd of rowdy students gathered and would not disperse.

"I think every institution in Massachusetts and New England, frankly, learned a lot of lessons in 2004 and we've been applying those lessons since then," Hoey said.