Sejal Lanterman

Sejal Lanterman is a cooperative extension educator for the URI Outreach Center. She has been employed with the university since 2007, working as a team leader for the Outreach Center's sustainable horticulture team.

Originally, Sejal came to Rhode Island from Valuate, N. Y., to pursue a Bachelor's of Science degree from URI. Since completing her degree in 2005, she has spent time in the bush of South Africa studying plants, animals and their relationship with each other. She also served as a park naturalist working for the Department of Environmental Management.

Sejal dedicated a year of service with AmeriCorps's Ocean State Environmental Education Collaborative working with children from underserved communities across Rhode Island.

Sejal owes her love for gardening and being outdoors to her parents.{} When not at work she enjoys growing food, cooking, birding, and playing outside with her son.