Service industry reacts to call for lower blood alcohol limit

A new recommendation from a federal safety agency has members of the service industry scratching their heads.

The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending that all states lower the blood alcohol content limit for drunk driving to .05. The current limit in every state is .08.

The NTSB claims the move could save 1000 lives a year if every state adopted the lower limit.

But many in the business of serving drinks say the recommendation goes too far. Frank Caduto, general manager at Twin Oaks restaurant in Cranston told NBC10, "I think it might deter the restaurant business. 05, that's almost next to nothing. That's like a glass of beer. Anybody leaving any restaurant would have difficulties with thatthat's a little bit too low I think. I think .08 is plenty sufficient enough. People are responsible today and all our waiters and bartenders have to pass special courses."

Anthony Santurri, owner of Colosseum nightclub in Providence agrees, saying "I think cutting it nearly in half, it's almost 50 percent lower, is going to cause some problem for the business community, the restaurant community, the service professionals."

The NTSB claims that many drivers' vision can start to become impaired at .05.