Shark bites kayak off Massachusetts coast

There were some terrifying moments for two kayakers off the coast of Massachusetts Wednesday after what is believed to be a Great White Shark attack on one of their boats.

It happened near Manomet Point. The Plymouth Harbormaster said the shark came up underneath the two women and took a bite out of one of their kayaks.

Boston station WCVB posted this photo online of the damaged kayak. Authorities said the women were taking photographs of seals at the time.

Both women, in their 20s, were off White Horse Beach in Plymouth when the shark took a bite out of one of the kayaks. Investigators said both kayaks overturned and the women swam away and the shark did too. They were not harmed.

The shark is believed to have been a Great White, judging from the bite mark it left on the kayak. Authorities said it was the second shark sighting of the day in that area. A woman reported seeing a shark attack a seal Wednesday afternoon.

The Plymouth harbormaster rescued the women after a bystander called 911.