Suspect in custody after Attleboro standoff

A gunman was placed into custodyfollowing a shooting and standoff in Attleboro, police said Friday.

According to police, a22-year-old man was shot at about 3:45 a.m. on Jackson Street. He was taken toRhode Island Hospital where he is expected to survive.

Officers later surrounded a homewhere the gunman was believed to be hiding.

NBC 10 reported police made aplea to the man to leave the house and resolve the standoff peacefully.

A woman and her small child wereinitially in the home, but both were released unharmed.

Police have not released thename of the gunman but said he did not leave the home peacefully.

"He did not submit willingly. Wehad to forcefully take him into custody so I don't know if he's injured at thistime," said Chief Kyle Heagley of the Attleboro Police Department.

Nearby residents were told tostay in their homes and Attleboro school officials said they issued ashelter-in-place order for five schools as a precaution, with officials sayingthere was no immediate threat to the schools.

Police said it was a considerablevictory in what's usually a quiet neighborhood after both the gunman and thevictim made it out alive.