Shooting latest violent incident on Federal Hill

Skarr Hookah Lounge

Fresh bullet holes could be seen outside Skarr Hookah Lounge on Atwells Avenue after a shooting Thursday morning.

It was the latest in a string of violent incidents on Federal Hill.

Skaar Lounge owner Gianfranco Marrocco is already at risk of losing his $3 Bar. Police said a man was fatally beaten in the bar's parking lot last week and that an unrelated fight spilled outside over the weekend.

Marrocco owns 11 businesses in Providence, including Wise Guys Deli that mocks mobster violence with fake bullet holes stuck to the windows.

The city wants him to know they're taking the violence very seriously.

"What he does at one establishment can legally affect what happens to his other establishments," said Joanna Harris, of the Providence Board of Licenses.

Marrocco said he's being unfairly targeted.

"Acts of violence like this can happen anywhere. It can happen in front of a church," Marrocco said Wednesday.

But it keeps happening at places he owns.

Marrocco also owned Club Karma, which was shut down after a shooting took place in January. He is in debt to the city of Providence for $21,000 for police details at the club.

"This is a world class Mickey Mouse city, and they're all pointing fingers at everyone else but themselves," Marrocco said.

Marrocco blames a lack of law enforcement, something Harris doesn't deny is a problem.

Providence Police Commissioner Stephen Pare said he will step up patrols on Federal Hill over the next few weeks.

Marrocco could be at risk of losing his other restaurants. He won't know until he heads to Superior Court in a few weeks.