Shooting on Broad Street part of violent night in Providence

A chaotic scene at Broad Street in Providence overnight led to a police sergeant shooting a suspect. Police told NBC 10 they first responded to Jovan's, a club on Portland St just off Broad around quarter to 2 for a disturbance.

While on scene, police say Sergeant Curt Desautels saw someone go to a vehicle and get out a handgun, and when he approached the suspect he took off on foot up Broad Street

According to Providence Police Major David Lapatin "at that time, the suspect turned toward the Sergeant fired and missed him; Sergeant Desautels returned fire, hit him couple of times, sending him down"

The suspect was arrested and taken to Rhode Island Hospital in serious condition and is expected to survive.

He's identified as 24-year-old Duvall Carty, a known member of various gangs and a history of a violent past whom Sgt. Desautels had initially recognized.

Providence Police Maj. Thomas Anthony Verdi noted that Sgt. Desautels had concerns about the size of the crowd during his detail at Jovan's.

As a result of the shooting, the police requested an emergency hearing of the city's licensing board, which shut down the establishment until a full hearing can be held next week.

As for the shooting of Carty, Desautels is on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation, that's standard procedure.