Police say husband is suspect in Cranston shooting

Cranston police are searching for a gunman who shot two people in a parking lot on Park Avenue Wednesday evening.

Investigators were working the scene late into the night after witnesses say a man took aim at his ex-wife.

"I heard what was like firecrackers and then when I looked, I saw the man drop to the ground," Trisha Peloquin told NBC10.

Police say 40-year-old Thomas Alejo shot a woman and a man outside a pizza place and a martial arts studio full of children in what investigators called a domestic incident.{}

Bryan Viveiros said he was standing next to the victims and first heard the shooter shout an obscenity at the victims.

"The shooter came around the corner shooting," he said.

Viveiros, who said he knows a little about the people involved, told NBC 10, "I guess they're going through a divorce and the girl found another guy."

He says the male victim was shot in the neck and leg, while the woman was shot twice in the leg. Both victims were conscious and alert.{}

Police quickly identified Alejo as the suspect and launched a manhunt for him.

"Obviously he's armed and dangerous. If anyone from the public sees Mr. Alejo, the truck he may be operating, notify police immediately. Don't try to approach him," said Col. Marco Palombo of the Cranston Police Department.

Police found Alejo's truck abandoned not far from the scene.

People who were in the martial arts studio at the time of the shooting told NBC 10 they heard the shots and they rushed the kids to the back of the building.