Post-holiday sales, returns draw shoppers

Christmas is behind us, but the holiday music still blares at Garden City Center in Cranston.

"I'm actually returning something from J. Jill. I got it as a Christmas gift that it would match my outfits but it didn't so I had to return it," said Amanda Devonis.

"I actually bought a shirt. It was very similar to a shirt (a family member) already had and it didn't fit as well," said Jamilyah Richardson.

Whether it was too big, too small, the wrong color or just not someone's style, many stores were busy Thursday cashing out returns.

Workers at Black House White Market had a healthy mix of new sales and shoppers returning gifts on the day some industry experts dub the 5th busiest shopping day of the year.

The returns, however, weren't confined to shopping centers.

According to the National Retail Federation, 50 percent of holiday shopping took place online. So some shoppers aren't going back to the stores, but instead shipping boxes from back.

But not everyone was making a return Thursday.

"Oh no. I never make returns. I'm just so thankful I'm able to accept the gifts that people give me," said Barbara Polciak.

"I was fortunate this year I didn't have any returns to make," said Irene Zanni.

Zanni said a new grandchild and the lure of holiday sales drew her to Garden City.

"Sales are always great," she said.

Zanni wasn't alone.

The bright signs promising discounts of more than 50 percent were too much for many to pass up.

"With the sale, now I can do this and also buy Christmas gifts and still save some money," Richardson said.

Retailers said the combination of sales, returns and gift cards is why Dec. 26 remains one of their top 10 busiest days.