Sick of the heat? Remember February

Downtown Providence after a blizzard hit the East Coast on Feb. 9, 2013.

Thursday was the fifth day of stifling heat, with feel-like temperatures in the triple digits.

"Extremely hot standing out here, sweating all the time," said Rachel Skolny of Narragansett.

Zach Soloman said it's almost unbearable.

"You walk outside and it takes the breath right out of you," he said.

Soloman was headed to the beach to try to cool off, but said he doubts even that will help.

"You want to lay down. You try to lay in the sun, you get sun burnt," he said.

But as Southern New Englanders suffer during the hot temperatures, it could be worse.

In February, residents were begging for sunshine and sick of digging out their cars and sliding on the streets.

Soloman admitted he's one of those people who complain no matter what the weather's like.

"(I was complaining in the winter) too. Nonstop," he said.

So the next time you see 95 degrees in the forecast, consider which shovel you'd rather be picking up today - a beach sand shovel, or a snow shovel.