Six boats destroyed in RI Yacht Club fire

Fire investigators will be out Monday morning in Cranston, to try and find the cause of a major fire at the Rhode Island Yacht Club .Deputy Fire Chief Stephen MacIntosh told NBC 10 News six boats burned, and three of them sank.The fire started at about 11:30 p.m. off Ocean Avenue and spread quickly from boat to boat. At one point, the deputy chief said seven people on one end of the dock were cut off by the fire and had to be rescued by fire boat. Cranston fire officials say 41 firefighters used seawater and foam to fight the fire, which took more than three hours to bring under control.? One firefighter hurt his back.{} Another person had to be treated for chest pains.{}{} Both have since been released from the hospital.Firefighters had to use oxygen packs outside to deal with fumes from the burning fiberglass and diesel fuel.