Sledge hammer may be clue to jogger's death

Warwick Police

Police said Wednesday they are hoping a new clue may help solve the murder of a jogger who was murdered in Warwick City Park in May.

Police said John "Jack" Fay was killed in a violent attack early May 17 while taking his daily jog. Fay's body was found the next day in a trash barrel covered by brush.

Fay, 66, was a retired postal worker.

On Wednesday, police sent pictures of a sledge hammer that was found near the murder scene.

Police said the sledge hammer has a unique, custom made handle and an unusual shape to the head.

Investigators believe the sledge hammer is an old tool that may have been taken from someone's home or toolbox.

Police wouldn't comment whether the hammer was used in the killing.

A $25,000 reward is being offered.

Anyone who may have information regarding the hammer or any other information is asked to call Warwick police.