Slideshow: AP's Top 10 photos of 2013

How to sum up an entire year of newsin just 10 photos? The very notion is daunting when we consider that the AP'saward-winning team of hundreds of staff photographers, freelancers and photoeditors sends out some 3,000 photos every 24 hours - over 1 million photos ayear - to our subscribers around the globe.

Photo editing is, of course, asubjective process of comparison and selection. It involves aesthetics,journalism, impact and memory.

In the end, I chose 10representative photos from some of the biggest stories of 2013.

In the 10, we see a woman beingremoved, alive, from a deadly building collapse in Bangladesh. We see a mothercarrying her 8-year-old daughter through the wreckage after a tornado leveledsections of Moore, Oklahoma. A family in Australia takes shelter in the waterunder a bridge as wildfires rage around them. A victim of the Boston Marathonbombing is rushed to safety after losing the lower part of his legs in theblasts. Gay-rights activists are protected by police in Russia after beingbeaten at the hands of anti-gay demonstrators. A nun's face lights up as whitesmoke emerges billows from the chimney on the Sistine Chapel indicating that anew pope has been elected. A protestor gets a face full of pepper spray fromBrazilian police. A Syrian man covered in bandages leaves the hospital afterbeing injured in fighting. A devastated landscape in the Phillipines afterTyphoon Haiyan struck. Hundreds of mourners line up to see the body of NelsonMandela as it lies in state in South Africa.

The choice of these photos is meantonly to represent the broader spectrum of human experiences captured in all theother images.

Every experience is, in some way, a valid one.