Smithfield closes beach: no lifeguards

Slack's Pond Beach

There are only two officially sanctioned outdoor swimming spots in the town of Smithfield, but one of them is closed this year because of a lack of lifeguards.

Even though Town Beach in Smithfield, officially called Slack's Pond Beach, is closed because of lack of lifeguards, NBC 10 found a handful of people enjoying the water on Thursday nonetheless.

On any given summer day, maybe a dozen beachgoers are here. Instead, they're swimming at their own risk.

All five lifeguards hired by the town of Smithfield this year -- that's it -- have been reassigned to the bigger of the two: Georgiaville Pond.

In any given year, the town would like to have a total of eight lifeguards. But three short of the target this year leads to the closure of Slack's until more lifeguards apply and are hired.