Snow covered sidewalks still a concern

On Tuesday night, neither of the two sidewalks on Clyde Street in Pawtucket was clear.

And because Clyde Streetis less than a tenth of a mile fromSheaHigh School, and is by far not the only road with sidewalks clogged with snow, some local parents of school children are worried.

"I don't think the streets or sidewalks are done enough for the students to be walking," concerned mother of two Jessica Mirabile said.

AlthoughPawtucket students had Friday, Monday and Tuesday off due to the Blizzard of 2013, but the city did not cancel school for Wednesday.

Miribile says after driving by the bus stop to survey the situation, she decided to drive her kindergartner and second grader to school, instead of sending them on the bus.

"There's no possible way for me to get them onto the bus unless I stand on the snow, and put them on the bus myself. And there's no way for any of the kids to even walk to the bus, so I'm going to have to drive them," she said.

But Pawtucket School Superintendent Debbie Cylke says it is safe for students to head to school on Wednesday, adding that city workers are clearing sidewalks around city schools 'round the clock.

And NBC10 is digging deeper, catching a heavy-duty front end loader, and two Bobcats spending hours clearing the sidewalks and walkways all aroundSheaHigh School to keep the area safe for students.

Cylke says the city ofPawtuckethas also been working to get local home owners to do the same.

"My understanding is that the city has been reminding residents (to clear their sidewalks), and also looking where there may be a house for sale, and (where) there is no resident, and then having volunteers take care of those (sidewalks)," the Superintendent said.

But concerned mother Jessica Mirabile says she still isn't convinced her kids would be safe walking to the bus stop on Wednesday.

"I know that there's a ton of kids that go their bus stop that have to walk, and I don't know how they're walking up their sidewalks to even get there," Mirabile said.

But with four snow days already used-up, the Superintendent Cylke sticks by her decision to open Pawtucket Schools again on Wednesday.

"I think everyone is hoping for less snow as we go into the Spring, (there has been) no discussion whatsoever about canceling Spring break, that would still go on as planned, and we'll just have make-up days in the Spring," she said.

Cylke admits that not all of the sidewalks in Pawtucket are shoveled, that's why she's asking that all students come to school prepared, wearing snow pants and snow boots, just in case they have to walk over snow massive snow banks to get out of the road, and stay safe.