Snow removal budgets for Fall River, Cranston melt away

This winter, the city of Fall River has seen lots of white snow. But it's also losing lots of green.

"The budget is over. We're over by $190,000 as we speak now," said Ken Pacheco, director of community maintenance for Fall River.

Pacheco said the city will either have to dip in its stabilization fund or borrow to pay everything off.

The city of Cranston's $635,000 snow budget is gone, and Monday's storm will rack up a deficit.

Mayor Allan Fung said the city has an emergency fund, but he'll only tap into it as a last resort.

"What we'll have to do is just watch our pennies in other areas of the budget," Fung said. "When it occurs overnight, overnight is usually the best time for us to attack a storm. However it gets more costly when you run into overtime issues and everything else."

Despite the cities' winter woes, officials say the roads will get cleared and workers will get paid -- one way or another.