Sophia Academy settles into new building

Sophia Academy has moved into its new home in Providence.

NBC 10 toured the building on Elmwood Avenue.

The academy is the state's only nonprofit middle school for low-income girls.

The school suffered heavy losses at its old site on Branch Avenue when thieves broke in and stole $50,000 worth of items just days before Christmas.

But Head of School Gigi DiBello said the school has bounced back.

"They feel like they're really lucky to be one of 60 girls that are here and are not someplace else. So, I think that the incident in December did not define us, as you say. It did serve as a reminder to us of what we have and how lucky we are, frankly all are, to be in this community," DiBello said.

No arrests were ever made in the theft.

Many of the stolen items were replaced by local businesses.