South Coast residents prepare for winter's 2nd wallop

On Monday night at the Home Depot in North Dartmouth, many shoppers were well aware that Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod are about to be hit especially hard by another winter wallop on Tuesday.

NBC 10 met Fall River landlord Ben Bonet while he was wheeling nearly a dozen bags of ice melt out to his car. "I'm buying the ice melt you know? They're talking about having a significant amount of snow, so having the properties that I have, the last thing I want is one of my tenants falling, so I'm getting ahead of the game."

The Operations Manager at the Home Depot in North Dartmouth says no matter how much these New Englanders try to prepare, he still sees lots of people come through the doors just before a major snow event.

Wearing his bright orange apron, Shepherd said, "It looks like more snow is coming, and as always we are ready for our customers. We have plenty of ice melt, plenty of snow throwers, plenty of shovels, just being ready for our customers every day is what we do."

NBC 10 asked customers to weigh in on snow storms, about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Larry Lechan of Westport said, "My favorite thing about snow is when it first comes, and it looks really nice out the window, but not actually going outside in it. Of course my next favorite thing is when it's all gone."

"I like the snow because I have a big Saint Bernard named 'Moose,' and I like playing in the snow with him, and sometimes I have a leash, and I hook it up to my sled, and he pulls me around in the sled. And if there's no snow, I can't do that," said Madison Lowther of New Bedford.

Traci Underwood of New Bedford said, "My favorite thing about the snow? I like the way it falls, but (what I don't like is) the cold, it's too frigid, it's too cold to go outside when it's snowing."

George Oliveira, 73, of New Bedford said, "I don't mind it as long as it's soft and easy to move, and it's not icy, that's why it don't bother me. But if it's too heavy, and wet, I don't like it. I've got to take it easy nowadays, I've got to be careful because I'm too told to do that anymore," he said with a chuckle.

Margaret Andre of Dartmouth said, "To me, this storm means we're just a step closer to spring. That's what it means. It means January is almost over, February is around the corner, and we have six weeks 'til spring."