South County residents left in the dark

Many South County residents remain snowed in and stuck.

They have drifts of three or more feet to shovel out.

"I'm usually the one, oh yeah, it's nothing. It's a small storm, not a blizzard. But this ended up being a blizzard and a really bad one," one woman said.

"I knew there was going to be snow but not this much," a man said.

"It's heavy. It's a little bit frozen below, yeah. It's pretty heavy," another woman said.

Much of Narragansett was in the dark, and parts of South Kingstown were too. Snow was piled as high as street lights.

Mark Reilly had his work cut out for him on Saturday, keeping the generator gassed up and his house warm.

"I've got the four-wheel drive. So I was elected. They haven't plowed, so I was grateful that I actually got out here," he said.

Food and hot coffee was a commodity on Saturday. The line at Bess Eaton was nearly out the door.

"All the Dunkin's are closed, it's the only place open," a customer said.

Gov. Lincoln Chafee visited an emergency shelter at South Kingstown High School. It's where 92-year-old Virginia Dantonio was enjoying a sandwich and a hot cup of soup, while hooked up to her much needed oxygen.

"I thought maybe they'd be a miracle, but there wasn't. But this morning it was too cold, and I never got out of bed," she said.