Southern New England's Most Wanted: Alan Garcia

NBC 10 News is working with Rhode Island and Massachusetts state police to profile Southern New England's most wanted fugitives.

An accused drug dealer cracks the list of Rhode Island's most wanted fugitives.

"Alan Garcia, age 27, is a Hispanic male, approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 150 pounds with brown eyes and black hair," state police Lt. Todd Neill said.

A look at Garcia's file shows that he took off on Jan. 10 of this year. He faced drug charges before and has done prison time. Investigators said they think he may have fled to Mexico.

What makes his so slippery?

"A lot of drug dealers are very savvy with their phones. They change their phones around a lot," Neill said. "With the money they're making dealing the drugs, they have the means to put themselves up and disappear for a little while."

State police said a two-month investigation led to a search of Garcia's Johnston home in January, and they found a large amount of cocaine there.

State police said Garcia went on the run that same day, when a trooper tried to pull him over near an intersection in Johnston. They said Garcia intentionally crashed into a cruiser and escaped.

"He does have a lot to lose. He's married, or at least he has kids with this woman, and he's been living with her for a long time," Neill said.

A woman who answered the door when NBC 10 went to the house did not want to talk about Garcia.

Police do.

"We just want to bring him to justice. We've invested a lot of time in the case looking for Mr. Garcia and we'd like to get him picked up," Neill said.

But investigators said he hasn't left a lot of clues behind.

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