Speaker Fox ties the knot in State House ceremony

Rhode Island Speaker of the House Gordon Fox is now a married man.

Fox and his long time partner Marcus LaFond exchanged vows in a private ceremony at the State House Tuesday.

The Speaker released the following statement on his marriage.

{}"Fifteen years ago on November 12, Marcus and I exchanged rings and made a lifetime commitment to each another.{} This date has great sentimental meaning to both of us, so we felt it was appropriate to officially exchange our wedding vows today.

{}"Over the years, many people have encouraged us to travel out of state to get married.{} As a lifelong Rhode Islander, I wanted this special day to take place in the state we both treasure so dearly.{}

{}"I can't help but reflect today on all the courageous individuals who fought for marriage equality over the many years it was debated in our state. I am overwhelmed that all Rhode Island couples now have the opportunity to experience the same joy that Marcus and I shared today."{}{}

The ceremony was officiated by Traffic Court Chief Magistrate William Guglietta.