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      Police: Man sold girl's specialized wheelchair at scrap yard

      Illiana Perez uses a non-motorized wheelchair for mobility.

      Cranston police have arrested and charged a man who they say stole a specialized stroller from a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy and sold it a scrap yard.

      Police arrested and charged 43-year-old Richard Rebello, of Providence, with a felony count of receiving stolen goods over $1,500.

      Police said they recovered the wheelchair which was in good condition. The custom made stroller cost $4,300 and was less than a year old.

      Illiana Perez has limited mobility and the non-motorized wheelchair allows her to get around.

      "I feel mad because I don't know why a person would take something like that," she told NBC 10 in an interview after the theft.