Species in Rhode Island in need of conservation

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management released a list of the Species of Greatest Conservation need in Rhode Island, which identifies species in decline or vulnerable in the state.

DEM uses the species as indicators of the health of the state's environment and combined with the Wildlife Action Plan, they help protect the land, air, and water in Rhode Island.

There are 22 mammals on the list, with almost half of them being bats. Bats across the country have been killed off by White Nose Syndrome.
Other mammals include whales that reside in the area.

Almost half of the bird species in the state are considered SGCN and in need of conservation efforts. Shore birds and shrubland birds, like the yellow-breasted chat are in decline.

Reptiles and amphibians, invertebrates and fish are also included on the list.

DEM updates the list and the Wildlife Action plan on its