Sports performance center caters to athletes of all ages

The Mass GeneralOrthopedics Sports Performance Center at Patriots Place in Foxborough is astate-of-the-art facility that combines the best technology with the bestdoctors to keep an athlete injury free and optimize their performance.

"We can really lookat the very fine details of movement and then produce three dimensionalgraphics to show it back to the person so they can understand what it's seeing.Bio-mechanical analysis itself is fine, but it's really about trying to findout the main problem here in terms of performance and likely hood for you to beinjured again in the future," said Dr. Eric Berkson, director of theperformance center.

The center specializes ingolf and baseball, and former Boston Red Sox first baseman Sam Horn is theprogram leader for baseball.

"We're lucky enough towork with Sam Horn who's fantastic at what he does," Berkson said.

"They saw that I wasa major league player, I had a previous school, 'Around the Horn', and it wasjust in tune with what they were trying to do here. And so far it's been amatch made in heaven," Horn said.

In years past, sportsscience was only used with professional athletes. But now, with the center,younger athletes can use the technology to their benefit.

"This actually giveskids a chance to break down their own abilities, their own muscle structures.As a young kid coming into this, it gives them a chance to build a portfoliofor college," Horn said.

"Nowadays kids specializein their sports so early and they have problems because of that. And this typeof analysis and teaching can show them how to participate safely and hopefullyavoid injury as they go on in the future," Berkson said.

The prices range from $50 for clinics to $400 for individual sessions.