Spring snow hits parts of Southern New England

A surprise eight-inchsnowfall on Thursday night had residents in New Bedford wondering if springwill ever come.

The heavy, wet snow wasplastered on picnic tables, on lawns and rooftops.

"It's pretty, but Ithink we've all just about had enough," said Maria Ellis of New Bedford.

More than nine inches ofsnow fell in Harwich on the Cape, but only four inches in Newport, two inchesin Swansea and not much elsewhere.

"It was a realwinter, a real New England winter. If you don't like this winter, I don't know,I guess you go to Florida," said Jo Clermont of New Bedford.

With strong springtime sunon Friday, there was lots of melting going on. The streets were not an issue.

"(The roads) wereabsolutely fine," said Meaghan Fowler, who was surprised about the amountof snow. "I thought we were only going to get like three inches."

Fowler said at this timelast year she was out in a bikini. Not this year.

"Instead a whitewinter coat," she said.