St. Michael's Parish cancels Thanksgiving dinner

A free Thanksgiving dinner has been a long tradition at St. Michael's Parish in Providence.

But this year, it's not going to happen.

"It's a sad thing this year. We're not able to do it because of circumstances particular to this year," said the Rev. Daniel Sweet of St. Michael's Parish.

Instead, those looking for the meal will be able to attend dinner at Praise Tabernacle Church in Cranston.

However, the tradition won't be the same, especially for those who choose to serve on the holiday.

"And that's one of the saddest things. People come from all over. They want to volunteer. They look forward to volunteering. But we had to divert that and send them to other places," Sweet said.

In place of dinner, efforts will be made to help those who are hungry.

"The need will be met this year. We needed to concentrate on building up our food pantry because that's a need that exists the whole winter long," Sweet said.

Sweet says the parish will still have a Thanksgiving Mass at 10 a.m.