State investigates removal of asbestos tiles from Somerset Town Hall

A basement room at Somerset Town Hall is sealed off Monday, Dec. 8, 2014, after the state said some tiles containing asbestos were removed improperly.

Dozens of floor tiles believed to contain dangerous vinyl asbestos were removed improperly from Somerset Town Hall by the town.

The basement room where the tiles were removed was sealed off Monday, but the rest of Town Hall was open.

State agencies are now involved in the clean-up. They believe approximately 40 tiles were removed.

The town is trying to hire a licensed contractor who specializes in asbestos removal.

Residents said they want to see this handled properly.

"I think it's a safety hazard, and I think people who work there should be the first concerned. And so to try and take it out the way they are then you're talking about the air they breathe. I don't think it's right for them," said Elliot Weinberg.

"Obviously, it's something that should be fixed. Probably not a good idea to have asbestos. Someone should check into it and fix it," Wallace said.

There was no comment Monday from the town manager's office.