State police on patrol in East Providence

The City Manager of East Providence has scheduled a meeting Monday with Rhode Island State Police Supt. Colonel Steven O'Donnell, to discuss the reason for the recent presence of the state police in the city.

City Manager Peter Graczykowski issued a statement Sunday to, which read, in part, "I have inquired about the additional State Police presence in East Providence with the East Providence Police Chief (Joseph) Tavares, who responded that he had no official knowledge of it or requested such enforcement."

The statement was issued one day after the East Providence Post and wrote a story, which said the state police were conducting a regular patrol in the city.{} The story also quoted law enforcement sources, which said the troopers were brought in at the request of the police chief.

The story went on to quote those sources as saying Tavares wanted to 'motivate' his officers, and investigate one more police department employees.

In his statement Sunday, City Manager Graczykowski said Col. O'Donnell could not comment further.

Graczykowski added he has 'full confidence in the officers of the East Providence Police Department'.