State police to investigate key corrections staffers


The head of the ACI said Wednesday that he has asked the state police to investigate allegations of misconduct by "several key staff members of the state Department of Corrections."

Director A.T. Wall said some of the alleged actions may be criminal.

Wall said the state police have agreed to investigate and that corrections inspectors will help them.

A statement from the corrections director did not say if the state police investigation is tied to a recent internal investigation sparked by an NBC 10 I-Team report.

Wall recently put four corrections employees on administrative leave after the I-Team revealed that a seance took place in the office of a top official.

The I-Team has learned the four employees on leave are Assistant Corrections Director David McCauley; Robert Vitale, warden of the Department of Corrections's central office; Gerald Mass, a security specialist; and K-9 officer Anthony Lucca.

According to multiple sources with knowledge of the investigation, Heather Anderson, a corrections officer, was called in from home after her overnight shift in late February to report to McCauley's office.

The I-Team was told when Anderson arrived, she was asked to do a psychic reading. According to her website, Anderson calls herself "The Mystical Medium," someone who can talk to the dead.

Department of Corrections sources told the I-Team that Anderson performed psychic readings for about two hours during the day.

It's not clear if Anderson was paid overtime to come back in to work and do the psychic readings.