State police: Twin River dealer caught cheating

A blackjack dealer at Twin River Casino is accused of cheating.

State police said Luis Pabon, 30, of North Providence, was arrested Wednesday and charged with eight counts of cheating in the performance of duty as a dealer and two counts of paying an amount greater than required.

State police said the Rhode Island Lottery contacted them about a dealer possibly colluding with players.

"The information alleged that Mr. Pabon was dealing in the favor of the patrons at his table by 'steering' cards as well as offering 'insurance bets' when he knew the outcome of the dealer's hand," state police said.

Police said Pabon was watched for three months and that they have surveillance video.

Pabon was released on $10,000 personal recognizance. His next court date was set for Aug. 14.

He was permanently banned from Twin River.