Station fire site ready for next chapter

{} As promised, only members of the Station FireMemorial Foundation were at the site Saturday, to take on the task of removing theprecious items that have marked the 100 people who died in the fire.

{}The memorial grew out of the pain of lovedones looking for a way to honor those they lost.

{}Removing the crosses and the many mementosdifficult to say the least, but beyond the pain is hope for something that theyknow is coming.{}

Thatsomething a permanent memorial they hope to start constructing sometime inNovember.

The firstsign of the work set to begin, the fencing that now surrounds and secures thesite.

Now thatall of the mementos are together in one place, the foundation can determinewhat size it will need for the container that will eventually become the vaultor time capsule, buried as part of the permanent memorial.{}

And it'snot just items here from the site, the FOUNDATION learned just this week thestate has been holding on to many items as well that will also go into thevault.

All of itto honor those who lost their lives here, and preserve the memory of whathappened here for generations to come.