Family, friends visit fire site to mark 10th anniversary

All day Wednesday, loved ones visited the site of the Station nightclub to remember the victims of the deadly fire 10 years ago. Most of the day, there were usually a few people at the site. Dozens gathered at 11:07pm, the time the fire started.

"This is where the heart is. This is where we are," says Dave Fravala. He was a regular at the Station. He was there that night. While he got out, 8 friends did not. "Over the last couple days, it's been really hard. Everything comes back. I mean every ounce of that night comes back. Yesterday I got sent home from work because I had a breakdown. It's 10 years later and it affects everybody."

Feb. 20, 2003, the club in West Warwick burned, killing 100 people and injuring 200 more. Pyrotechnics lit during a concert by the band Great White sparked the blaze. And the circumstances still haunt many who came here. "Should have never happened. The flammable sound proofing. Pyrotechnics. Should have never been there," says Michael Fraser, whose cousin was killed in the fire.

Sarah Mancini's son Keith was a member of a band that opened for Great White. She says, "10 years ago tonight we came here waiting to see who was here and who wasn't. Took us 5 days. I knew he was gone. But it took us 5 days to find him and identify him."

Peter Schreiber came to pay respects to his friend Scott Greene. It was difficult for him to come to the site. "It's pretty painful, even now. I wasn't sure I could do it. I wanted to try."